Laser-Engraved Shapes On The Valek Rolling Pins Allow You To Put Patterns On Cookies, Breads, And Other Baked Goods


Like other rolling pins, you can use the Valek Rolling Pins to shape and flatten dough. Unlike them, these baking utensils leave your cookies, pies, and pastries embossed with a variety of patterns, allowing you to create uniquely-decorated baked goods without any extra work.

Created by Poland-based Zuzia Kozerska, you simply use the cylindrical rollers to form and shape your dough, whether you’re making roti, pizza, or a batch of cookies for the kids. With the built-in engravings on the pin, all the patterns should be automatically embossed on the flour mixture, leaving them ready to be placed in the oven with the unique pattern already in tow.


Each Valek Rolling Pin is laser-engraved with its own set of patterns that include traditional folk designs, geometric shapes, and elaborate patterns. They also have engravings for patterns that kids are more likely to enjoy when cast onto their baked snacks, such as dinosaurs, dogs, and cats. Construction is beech wood for the rollers, which are individually laser-engraved before being oiled by hand to protect it from wear. The pins come in two sizes: a regular version that measures 45 x 6 cm (length x diameter) and weighs 600 g; and a kiddie version that measures 24 x 4.5 cm and weighs 160g.


Available from their Etsy store, the Valek Rolling Pins are priced at $35 for the regular version and $23 for the kiddie version.

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  1. sammy

    these are so neat, and i love the random custom designs! i think they’re a little pricy if this is for each, and definitely think they should sell them in sets to make it more practical for people to purchase and enjoy! i wonder if this is something that could be made on your own with one of the new, larger 3-D printers they have started making and selling to independent consumers. pretty cute that they have the kids version, and i can tell this would definitely be lots of fun to do with the little ones! my kids and i always do baking from scratch, so i think this would make it a little more exciting and purposeful to them to see, make and enjoy (eat) their own designs after all their hard work!

  2. Michael Coleman

    These are gorgeous. You could take royal icing and color in some of the design to make these ultra special cut out cookies. We have an array of rolling pins, but it never hurts to have one more! Julia Child had a collection – I bet she would love these!


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