Whoop Smart Trainer Is A Fitness Band For Elite Athletes


If you follow the NBA, then you would have heard about the fancy wristband Andrew Dellavedova wore throughout most of the Cavaliers’ games in March. Yes, the NBA put an end to that (wearable tech isn’t allowed in-game), but it sure introduced a lot of us to Whoop, an upcoming high-end activity tracker designed for elite athletes.

Billed as a “performance optimization system,” the wearable goes a step beyond the metrics that Fitbits and other conventional fitness trackers record, all while providing actionable recommendations aimed at both improving performance and minimizing injuries.  We know, every new fitness band uses the same selling point. This one, however, seems more believable, considering it’s currently used by actual professional athletes, college sports teams, and Olympians.

On top of the usual speed and cadence readings, the Whoop Smart Trainer measures heart rate, heart rate variability, skin conductivity, ambient temperature, lab-quality sleep data, and even strain levels.  It then uses this information to give specific recommendations on improving both performance and, more importantly, improving recovery. That’s right, the system can measure how well an athlete has recovered from previous physical activities, allowing coaches to tailor training around what each individual’s body is conditioned to do.  Not only does this allow them to optimize each training session, it also helps reduce the risk of injury, since coaches can get a clear read of what an athlete will be able to handle each time out.

While it’s not yet available commercially, interested parties can contact Whoop directly from their website.

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  1. Nina

    There are a lot of fashion trends and popular technology that society obsesses over, much of which hasn’t been very valuable in my personal opinion. What gets me really excited is technology that helps people stay healthy. Many people are motivated by results, data, something they can actually see. What’s so great about watches like this is the fact you can compete with yourself, be in better control of your health and keep your doctor truly up to date on your habits. There are so many watches like this but what makes this one stand out is that athletes swear by it. I gotta say, it’s hard to pass up. Anyone have one?

  2. Pete

    Remember when a lot fo the tech blogs were shouting out that the Apple Watch would dominate the market and be the only fitness tracker people would desire? I am a huge fan of Apple, but I am glad that the Apple Watch is not dominating. In fact, because of the lackluster reception to the Apple Watch from consumers, we have more fitness trackers being developed and released today then ever before The Whoop Fitness band is a great example of this.

    This is similar to the ever-popular FitBit, but is designed with more serious athletes in mind. You can simply be an elderly mall walker who uses their fitness tracker to count steps, but the Whoop takes a whooping to the FitBit. You can be a mall walker and still benefit from the Whoop much more than the FitBit band.

    As a coach, the Whoop gives you the ability to easily track your players performance at any time of the day, even if they are not on campus training. Are your players following their off-season training program when you as the coach isn’t around? With the Whoop you can get your players to be consistently training, because you will know if they aren’t. You can also track your players rest time. If an athlete doesn’t rest properly, they will increase the chance of an injury happening.

    Although the Whoop is targeted towards coaches and teams, they also make it available to individuals. If you are serious about improving your performance, then I would take a good look at the Whoop Fitness band. The Whoop Band is what the Apple watch for athletes should have been.


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