A Slide-Out Bar Turns The Woody Trailer Into A Full-Service Party On Wheels


Sure, you can turn any camper into a makeshift mobile bar, keeping all the libations inside, while you serve drinks by the window. The Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody, though, puts a full-service bar into a trailer, allowing you to bring a professional-looking setup, whether at the tailgate, the picnic, or the camp site.

Designed by Brad Ford and built by Moore & Giles, it looks like a classic wooden camper when all closed up – the kind you’ll take to the woods to enjoy nature in all its glory. Except, instead of creature comforts, the interior actually houses a slide-out bar that allows it to transform into an outdoor party station, ready to serve every alcohol-starved creature within the surrounding area.


The Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody Trailer’s pull-out bar boasts a large three-sided bar top, with an ice chest in the center and shelving to hold your spirits on the inner side. Under the bar top sits shelves for housing your glasses, so revelers can simply pluck a glass, grab some ice, and pour their own drinks from the station. Styled to look like an old-timey bar, it features all-wood construction,  finishing handcrafted from reclaimed bourbon casks, leather detailing, and no traces of cheap plastic whatsoever. All glassware and a full year’s supply of libations (Bulleit Bourbon and Bulleit Rye) are included.


And just because the slide-out bar is the star of the show doesn’t mean there's nothing else. Inside, it gets sleek leather furniture (as much of it as they can fit inside the cramped space anyway) for relaxing, while a TV, a BD player and an onboard sound system turns up when you open the back.

Available from Neiman Marcus, the Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody Trailer is priced at $150,000.

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  1. Michael Coleman

    A whiskey trailer. Just what every bourbon drinker needs. So, how good does your credit score have to be to go Neiman Marcus GOLD? It would take a decade to pay this thing off. But you could almost live in it, since it has leather seating and tv/entertainment packed within. I would love to see the video of them pulling it and then setting it up.

  2. marshal

    this is so nice, i’ve never seen anything like this before! it seems really well made too! not does it come with the booze lol? i’d also like to see a demo-video and read some more feedback to determine the justification for such a high price. it’s definitely unique, ill give it that. it looks like it’s a pretty good size too considering the diabetes. it would be lots of fun to take out camping or even for a BBQ. something i guess as a wealthier person or i guess upon retiring that i could lug around the country and to canada for fun and memories haha. id be much more interested in just renting one though. there’s lot of secure, crafty places to store things which is definitely something i like. it looks like a lot of time was put into the craftsmanship of it, not bad! too me it has that 70’s 80’s Woodstock look


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