Someone Had To Do It: The World’s Most Expensive Apple Watch


Why buy an overpriced Apple Watch that will be obsolete in a year when you can buy a ridiculously overpriced Apple Watch that will be similarly obsolete in a year? Because you’re rich, hence you can afford The World’s Most Expensive Apple Watch, that’s why.

How expensive? It sells to the tune of £150,000. That’s right, instead of buying a Ferrari 458 Speciale that can be the centerpiece of your garage for years, you can just buy a smartwatch that will likely be obsolete in a year.


No, The World’s Most Expensive Apple Watch doesn’t come with an exotic car to justify the ridiculous price. You really just get the 18K Gold Apple Watch, with its sapphire crystal Retina display, ceramic back, digital crown, and all of the wearable’s other nice features. Except, you know, this one’s been encrusted with diamonds all over. And by “all over,” we mean every imaginable place that people can see (of course, you don’t put diamonds where people can’t gawk at them) where it won’t obstruct the device’s operations. Seriously, this has enough diamonds to blind anyone who unwittingly stares at your forearm to check out what timepiece you’re wearing.  Ooops... sorry, buddy.

Finally, a watch you can wear while riding your 24-Karat Gold Mountain Bike. And it's available now.

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2 Responses

  1. Karen

    I understand the price, but then again, I DON’T understand the price – lol. So- any news on who was the first person to buy one of these? Has anyone started making fake gold Apple watches yet? 😮

  2. Maxine

    24-Karat! That’s incredible! WOW, what a nice piece of technology and jewelry. I wonder what the likelihood is that you can actually update this Apple Watch within the course of the next 2-3 years, though. It makes me wonder then if it’s more possible and practical to base the majority of the gold on the band, versus the actual watch itself. $300K is a pretty incredible price, but it’s also an incredible piece of technology, and definitely one of a kind in my opinion. The ceramic back is super nice, and I really like the touch with all of the diamonds, this is just simply; beautiful. I have to say though, I’d be awfully picky as to when and where I wore this, if ever. I can’t imagine the kind of repair costs in terms of a scratched or damaged bezel or band would go in terms of a piece like this.


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