These Repurposed Wrenches Serve As Gorgeous Racks For Your Motorcycle Helmets


Whether you’re fixing automotive parts in the garage or working on pipes around the house, wrenches should serve as an indispensable part of your toolkit. We’re guessing the guys from Those Once Loyal had a little too many wrenches in their shop, since instead of using them to work on their café racers, they’re turning the tools into these fine-looking Wrench Motorcycle Helmet Racks.

Designed to mount on walls, the racks are bent to accommodate the inside shape of any helmet, giving you a unique place to stash your Insanity Werewolf Helmet after a ride. When unoccupied, they look exactly like wrenches that have been, somehow, bent out of shape and protrude from your wall, making for a unique decorative piece for garages, man caves, and bachelor pads.


Each Wrench Motorcycle Helmet Rack is made using a large combination wrench that’s individually forged and bent into the desired shape, with the open-ring spanner end serving as the actual rack. We’re not sure if these were once functional wrenches or just prop ones they forged for this specific purpose. Either way, the results are absolutely killer, with an accommodating design that keeps it compatible with any size of motorcycle helmet.


The racks measure a substantial 22 inches long and stick out 9 inches from the wall (varies by half an inch because every piece is hand-made), so they should make for a prominent decorative element. Two holes drilled on the lower end of the wrenches allow you to mount them up a wall securely.

Available now, the Wrench Motorcycle Helmet Rack is priced at $65.

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  1. Cindy

    This is really creative. I’m all for finding ways to organize your home without looking too generic. So many homes just look the same and being a creative person at heart, I just can’t stand to throw together a room without adding a bit of my own personal flair to it. I like how the piece as a whole looks interesting on its own so even when you don’t have any helmets hung up, there is something on the wall to grab your attention. I first felt $65 was a bit on the pricey side, but who would want to take their own wrenches and bend them into these awkward shapes? I would personally much rather have someone else do that work for me. I’m not the best DIY girl


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