WRENCHit Is A Pop-A-Point Spanner Multi-Tool


Remember the Tool Pen? That was one clever design, turning the pop-a-point pencil form factor into a terrific multi-bit screwdriver. This time around, the same outfit behind the tool is repurposing the design for a wrench tool they’re calling WRENCHit.

No, it doesn’t look like a pen. Instead, it looks more like a ruler, but with holes and tips that are shaped to function as wrenches. It employs the same pop-a-point design, however, allowing the tool to carry several different wrenches at a time, each of which you can easily use by moving the one you want out front.


WRENCHit has a handle made from stainless steel, with a length that can accommodate up to five wrench inserts along its body, so you can have your most frequently used ones on tap while keeping the rest on a pouch on standby. They currently have 10 of those inserts available, totaling to 14 different wrenches (some inserts have more than one) and one bottle opener (of course). It measures 5.2 x 0.9 x 0.15 inches, which is about the size of a small ruler, so you can slip it into a pants’ back pocket with no problem.


Construction is SUS 420 stainless steel with a sandblasted finish for both the handle and the inserts, which should make for one durable multi-tool. While we’re not sure how much torque you can apply from a ruler form factor, creators Mininch claims it offers enough to make it suitable for routine repairs and maintenance.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for WRENCHit. Pledges to reserve a unit (handle plus five inserts) start at $30.

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3 Responses

  1. Marcus Gene

    WOW, my dad is going to love something like this. Its the new “multi-tool” right?

    It would fit into your glove box so nicely and fit just about anything in a pinch. Great design!

    • Gregory

      Yeah these would make great gifts. I have a few portable toolkits I take with me when I cycle. I have a few different ones because the ones I have never work right in the field. This is what I get for buying cheap. The Wrenchit looks like it would be the perfect addition to my bicycle tool kit. I really like that it comes with a spoke tool also. There is nothing worse then being stranded on your commute home from a long day at work only to end up with a couple of loose spokes. On cheaper bikes I’d just finish my ride out, but my wheelsets cost me $300 each and I am NOT going to ruin these over a loose spoke.

      They engraved the size of each wrench head, made it easy to swap out wrenches, and the styling looks great. I need to buy 2 od these then I can keep one in my cycle rack bag and the other in the glove box of my car. I like how they have a smaller set designed specifically for bicycle use and then a full-set also.

      I wish it was made in American instead of Taiwan, but the quality looks to be amazing and it does allow for it to be sold much cheaper than the American factories could.

  2. Josh

    I still use my tool pen on a regular basis. It’s nice because not only does it store all of your bits without the need of a tool box, but its slim design makes it much easier to fit in small spaces. Not having a thicker end to hold was a little strange in the beginning but honestly you get used to it in no time at all. I’m even more excited for this pop a point wrench. When you spend as much time working on cars as I do, you can relate to how awkward it can be to fit a wrench into those tight spaces of a car. My Subaru for example gives me all sorts of trouble. It’s not that the job is tricky; it’s just finding the right angles so your wrench can do the job. This is a much more universal solution and I can’t wait to purchase mine.


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