Zero Motorcycles MMX Is An Off-Road Bike For Special Forces Clandestine Missions

Electric vehicles are not just for eco-conscious consumers, their quiet operation makes them ideal for military applications, too.  And that's why the US Special Forces commissioned Zero Motorcycles to develop the MMX, the military's next off-road stealth motorcycle.

Going silently off-road isn't the two-wheeled vehicle's only special talents either:  it can also operate while submerged in water up to one meter deep, as well as possessing clandestine blackout capabilities (it comes with infrared lighting systems for use when the rider is traveling at night).  Basically, it's going to be Captain America's motorcycle of choice the next time he goes on a mission to covertly destroy a Red Skull facility deep in the mountains.  Or something like that.

Piling on the stealthy powers, the Zero Motorcycles MMX comes with a keyless ignition, no intake or exhaust, and near-soundless operation even on rough terrain.  It's painted in matte black, as well, so it can completely disappear in the dark.  No details were laid out about the guts of the ride, although it will come with modular power packs that allow the driver to switch out each of the two-hour range batteries in less than a minute.

Since the motorcycle has been designed according to military specifications, it will remain a military-only vehicle.  That's right, your dreams of owning a superhero-quality electric motorcycle will continue to be a dream -- no sales to the general public.  Zero, however, will be incorporating the powertrain enhancements performed on the motorcycles to their general line, so you can get something with a little Special Forces in it all the same.

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  1. Thomas

    A special forces electric motorcycle that looks good! Was it really commissioned by the Special Forces or is this just a special forces inspired product like a lot of other ones? Either way, this bike looks good and needs to gas.

    I looked up the stats on the Zero Motorcycles MMX and the ride duration time is 60-160 minutes fir recon riding and 40-140 minutes for aggressive riding. Not nearly enough time in my opinion. The good thing is for regular riders in the City you can get up to 71 miles range, so this would be a perfect way to commute to work without spending any money on fuel.

    The Zero Motorcycles MMX has a top speed of 85 but a sustained top speed of only 70 MPH. For me this is fine, but a lot of aggressive riders will feel limited by the Zero Motorcycles MMX as opposed to a traditional dirt bike with a gas engine.

    It can carry up to 350 pounds, so even heavier riders can use this. I like the looks of the Zero Motorcycles MMX, I like that it is electric with no fuel needed, but I do not like the limited range. It might not work for me, but the Los Angeles Police Department bought one to try out. I am excited to see what their results are with it.


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