3D-Print Your Own Superhero Mask With This Badass Model From Zortrax


Every superhero needs a costume. And if you want your identity kept secret, a mask is absolutely necessary. I mean, does anyone really believe no one recognizes Superman and Supergirl while they’re playing their nerdy alter-egos? If you’re looking for a badass headwear fit for a real-life character with superpowers (no, a duck mask doesn't count), this 3D-Printed Superhero Mask from 3D-printing company Zortrax should be a good place to start.

A heavily-detailed superhero mask reminiscent of Batman’s headwear (or maybe Batman villain Arkham Knight), it’s an intricate-looking mask that should work well for both heroes and villains alike. Whether you print it as is or alter the files to tailor the look, this thing should make for a killer addition to any comic book or sci-fi costume ensemble.


The Zortrax 3D-Printed Superhero Mask is made up of 46 parts that are individually printed, then screwed together. It’s made using a Zortrax M200 3D printer, although you can, of course, use whatever model of desktop fabricator you have access to. A filament called Z-HIPS, which is designed for 3D-printing large functional models, was used for the build, giving the mask a natural matte finish that works very well for a Gothic-themed superhero outfit. The design includes an area for installing LED lights in the eyes, which should be great for putting it on display (probably not so much for wearing, though). All 46 parts took 11 days to print, so expect to invest some time in this thing.


You can download the model files for the 3D-Printed Superhero Mask directly from Zortrax’s website.

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  1. Thomas

    I’d love to have a boot setup at ComicCon printing out these masks with a Zortrax M200 3D printer. Can you imagine how much foot traffic and attention your booth would get! I’m not a hardcore fan of super heroes and their movies, but custom 3D mask printing of super hero masks is pretty nifty thing in my mind.

    I would probably just 3D print one out to use to influence my decor in a nerdy way, but it looks like the helmets are specifically designed to be fitted and worn. How feasible is this to use on a day to day basis if you decide to actually become a superhero. Lol. Is there any residue smell leftover from the printing or the gluing process?


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