Biknd Helium Lets You Travel With Your Bicycle Like A Pro

Can’t last a day without your favorite bicycle? Now you can take it with you everywhere on the Biknd Helium, a compact bicycle case that lets you haul your road companion while keeping it fully protected.

The bag can carry a wide range of two-wheeled pedal pushers, including road bikes with a 64cm frame and full-suspension mountain bikes. Developed with the input of pro cyclists who frequently board public transportation with their equipment in tow, it not only fits your whole bike (disassembled of course), but lets you throw in two reserve wheelsets and a whole slew of accessories too (helmets, pump, spare tubes and more).

Boasting a unique design, the Biknd Helium opens a full 360 degrees (flat on the floor), making packing individual parts easy. Even better, it protects your frame from any type of damage during travel with a set of inflatable partitions on either side hugging it and a specially-designed anchoring system for the wheels. Just use the integrated foot pump once everything is packed (to blow up the air compartments) and your too-expensive-for-comfort ride is secured.

Sure, having to pack a bike like a suitcase isn’t as convenient as just mounting it on a car. If you’re traveling on buses, trains and airplanes like the pros do, however, this will ensure your bike gets to your destination exactly the same way you packed it – with nary a scratch on it. The bag itself weighs about 19.8 lbs, which is lighter than most current cases used for transporting similarly-sized mountain bikes.

The Biknd Helium is priced at $599, which isn’t much when you consider the cost of the high-performance, competition-grade road and mountain bikes that it’s protecting. Biknd notes that the current bag can’t carry an integrated seat post, but one built specifically to do that is coming later in the year.

[Biknd via Red Ferret]