1 Gallon Flask – Enough Said

You’re so used to drinking discreetly from a wine flask that chugging your alcohol from a glass or a bottle just doesn’t feel natural anymore.  That’s why you keep refilling your flask and sipping from it even when you’re sitting at a stool in the corner bar. If you want to retain the same “sipping off a flask” sensation while drinking with your friends, here’s a fun-looking overkill of a solution: a 1 Gallon Flask.

Measuring 15.5 x 8.5 x 3 inches, it’s one giant booze vessel.  Forget about sneaking a couple shots into your hot choco in the morning with this thing in tow, you’ll be announcing your proclivities to everyone in plain sight.  Because that’s how you roll.

The 1 Gallon Flask takes on the familiar wine flask form, only way bigger.   It’s got that wide stainless steel body and screw-off lid, too, making sure nobody mistakes you for anything but a booze fiend when they see you drinking from it.  While it’s intended more for novelty, the canteen is perfectly functional.  You can chug right from the mouth like your favorite Starfleet Hip Flask, although this thing will be heavy as hell when filled up (better not drop on your foot, as it looks ready to injure).

If you’ve ever wondered about the shortest way to alcohol poisoning, I have a feeling you’re looking at it.

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