10 Cool Last Minute Gifts For The Console Gamer In Your Life

Just in case you didn’t know, we’re talking about you.  Yes, you.  Spending all day playing Skyrim and texting people you could have come to their party but you took an arrow to the knee and stuff.  Even you deserve a gift, so get yourself something before the year ends.  Preferably something that lets you feed your gaming addiction even further.  Hey, it ain’t going away, so might as well embrace it.

1. G155 Mobile Gaming Environment

Even gamers need to get out of the house to get some sun, too.  To encourage that, the G155 lets you bring their console gaming on the road.  The rugged carry-case features a built-in 15.5-inch HD LED panel (with an HDMI connector) and stereo speakers, as well as a console area that can hold either an Xbox 360, an Xbox 360S or a Playstation 3 Slim.   Yes, there’s a slot for two controllers, power supply and few small accessories, too.  The catch?  There’s no built-in battery, so you’ll need to find a Starbucks to leech power from.  And make sure to sit outside so you actually get some sun for a change. [Firebox]

2. Gunnar Optiks COD MW3 Gaming Glasses

Yep, this is official COD merchandise, designed to protect your delicate bloodshot eyes from the strain of staring into the TV for extended periods of time.  With barely any sleep.  It features custom spring hinges, a magnesium alloy frame, wide coverage lenses (so they don’t miss a thing on the screen) and optional graded lenses (if they need them).  Yeah, we guess it’s just a regular pair of shades, but it does have Call of Duty MW3 etched on the arms, so it should tickle your FPS bone’s fancy some.  [Gunnars]

3. Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

You’re heavy into console racing, yet you make do slaving away on that analog stick looking like a rookie driver.  Well, this motion-based controller should help smoothen all your banks, drifts and turns.  While it’s no substitute for some of the better set-ups out there (like a G27 for the PS3), it will do, especially for the sub-$60 price.  Plus, the novelty of driving on your Xbox the same way you drive on your iPad (turning the accessory for direction) should be a hit with the kids (by kids, we mean you — at heart).

4. Centipede Gaming Hub

Designed specifically for gamers, this furniture piece can hold a flat panel TV on top (max: 36 inches), three consoles in the middle rack and any accessories your gamer friend needs on the bottom shelf.  There’s space for hanging multiple controllers, as well as racks for DVDs of your most frequently played games, too.  While the look will likely clash with even moderately nice living rooms, it should prove a fitting match with casual bedrooms, messy dorm rooms, mom’s basement and cramped studio apartments — the most common habitats for your type of creature.

Centipede Gaming Hub is available here.

5. Freek EPIC

Made for console FPS fiends, this add-on to your analog controls will deliver better grip, better handling and added length.  The result is heightened sensitivity and finer movement — you know, the things that matter when you’re out in a battlefield killing innumerable enemy combatants.  Plus, there’s a skull etching on top, which always helps increase the bloodlust.  Works with both Xbox and PS3 controllers. Available here.

6. The Avenger

Arguably the most badass-looking add-on anyone can throw into their gaming controller, it makes the damn thing look like an alien weapon for activating lasers off a spacecraft hiding underground.  Or something like that.  Aside from the burlier, gnarlier appearance, the accessory’s customizable levers, tension straps, stabilizer stand and sensitivity adjusters also bring newfound powers to those using it in the form of better situational awareness, higher accuracy, improved agility and heightened reaction time. Did I say it looks really badass? Available separately for Xbox 360 and PS3.

7. PSN and Xbox Live Gift Cards

You know how when you want to buy your gamer friends a gift, but you can’t be bothered to look for one, you just buy them a gift card for PSN and Xbox Live?  Yeah, you can do that for yourself, too.  More play time for you.  [PSN, XboxLive]

8. Gioteck DF-1 Ammo Box

It looks like a military ammo box, but it’s really just a contact charger for your Xbox 360 controllers.  Put the damn things in, close the lid and wait for their batteries to top up.  The charger plugs directly from a wall outlet, so you get maximum power for your trouble.  While waiting for the charge indicator on the front to tell you it’s done, maybe you can fire up the PS3 and get back to playing Uncharted.  Oh yeah, it has a built-in battery, so you can charge on the move if needed (we’re not exactly sure when it will be needed, but hey…).  [Firebox]

9. DiscGear Browser

Someday, you’ll be able to live a gamer’s life without optical discs.  For now, you still have to live with that devil, so make your life a little easier and score this case.  Designed to make rifling through your collection a speedy affair, it features a patented slider mechanism that brings up all the discs individually, so you can find the one you’re looking for within 5 seconds (yep, they promise 5-second retrieval for any disc in the set).  Holds 50 discs.  [Firebox]

10. Trimount

Today’s flat panel TVs aren’t really optimized for holding stuff on top.  That’s why you need something to hold your Wii Sensor Bar, PlayStation Eye camera and Xbox 360 Kinect in a steady and organized manner.  The Trimount is just that thing.   Designed to keep all three console sensors in a single vertical pile, it latches to the edge of your TV using a padded adjustable screw and holds them securely in place.  And look, they don’t get in each other’s way.  Available at Amazon.