10 Cool Last Minute Gifts You Can Still Get For Her

Consumerism has painted everything around us with the color of money, and this becomes quite evident when one enters a gift shop to select something for gifting to someone special. Tactful sellers always seem to be ready with praises for something just a percentage more expensive than what you almost just finalized. You’d be living in a fool’s paradise to believe the philosophy coated poor man’s misery groan – ‘money can’t buy everything.’ A better way of putting it would be – ‘not only money, but a good deal of thinking can also buy you something special.’

This post is an attempt to list some cool gifts you could buy for your beloved, wife or girlfriend easily online while sitting on your sofa although some might need a bit more effort to express your feelings. Without any order or priority, here we go:

  1. The all new Apple iPad: Baffled? Don’t be. Gadgets are castigated by women as love diverters. The iPad, however, is definitely going to make the cut. Gifting an iPad is like gifting a ring of glory to your girlfriend. If she isn’t exactly tech-savvy, still go ahead with the gift. If there’s one thing in the whole wide Universe that would kindle the spirit of loving technology in her, it’s the iPad. And take pride in the fact that your hard earned cash gives your wife the power of controlling infinite digital possibilities just with the tip of her finger. I don’t know anyone who uses iPad without an iPad cover and here is one of our favorite leather case .
  2. Amazon Kindle: Girls always exhibit greater affinity to books than boys do. Take a cue from this established fact of feminine nature and buy your lady the portable e-book reader from Amazon, called Kindle. She would love you for buying her a companion in her journeys. Wouldn’t you just love the fact that she would be able to carry a whole library of books with herself, all packed into the light weight Kindle? Of course you would. Order one right away!
  3. Personalized candies: Even the thought is delicious! You are bound to be showered with hugs and kisses once she opens up her gift packet to find an assortment of M&M’S® yummy candies, each bearing a special message worded specially for her by you. M&M® gives you all the options to personalize the package in many respects. Just visit the official site and put your creative boots on. Did I mention that this is quite palatable to the pocket as well?

  4. Alma Matter Ear Warmers – Is she into sports? You are a lucky guy. Cold weather is here and nothing says you care like these ear warmers. Even if she supports your  rival college team, this is a great gift that kinda says I love you even if you love those Longhorns.
  5. Pajama Jeans: Your girlfriend would fall in love with you all over again when she learns that you ordered a pair of jeans from none other than the trendsetters Pajama Jeans. Offering a variety of options to choose from, the site ensures that you get the order through with a few clicks, without leaving your chair. Your beloved would find it hard to get out of the swanky new jeans you selected specially for her.
  6. SpaFinder Gift Certificates: We talked about the very expensive ones as well as the relatively less expensive ones. This gift does not require any considerable amount of money, but makes a statement nonetheless. By gifting your girl these certificates, you allow her access to over 5,000 global spas. Pamper her by letting her enjoy special massages and beauty treatments, using her certificates. What’s more, you can also ask the company to ship the certificates right at her doorstep, in a special gift pack.
  7. Jewelry: The safest bet of them all, jewelry is never out of favor with women. Search for a beautiful set online. There are many services that offer you online purchase facility. You could also try your hands at bidding for the same on eBay or a dedicated jeweler bidding site called Bidz. Think beyond the usual and try buying something commemorative. For instance, you could buy a single bead ring rather than a necklace to celebrate an year’s relationship with her.
  8. A sexy bottle of red wine: Splendid is the word for the moment when she opens the packet and sees a bottle glistening with the color of your heart. This one shall set the tone for the night.
  9. A photo album: Scavenge through the old albums and take out all the wonderful moments frozen on paper. Search through the hard drives and shortlist the memorable photographs you took from your digicam. Once done, browse through the offers from the scores of online photo printing services. Not only an album, you could consider a printed collage, coffee mug and what not! Not only does this leave your pocket with a lot of breathing space, it also strikes an emotional chord with your beloved. Plus, it is great fun unfurling the golden memories of the past once again, together.
  10. A love buffet: I will make it clear. What I am talking about is a complete assortment of love accessories, i.e., a bouquet of roses, lots and lots of chocolates, a cute and cuddly teddy bear, an aromatic perfume and a huge card. Pen down your deepest romantic thoughts on the card and gift her the complete package. The ‘buffet’ would definitely satiate her hunger for your love and care.