10 Cool Storage Solutions To Better Organize Your Fridge


If there’s more than two people living in a house, there’s a good chance the kitchen fridge looks like a veritable labyrinth, with stacks upon stacks of plastic containers, half-empty jars, and zippered bags of leftovers. And, yes, some of them are way past expired, already spoiling, or shortly on their way there. The reality is, there’s no way anyone can be diligent enough to keep track of everything in the fridge. The best you can do is to organize things such that everything will be easier to see, giving you a chance to remember about that slice of pizza from three days ago every time you get some water, take out the butter, or grab a can of soda.

Fortunately, there’s a healthy selection of products designed to help with that, all while maximizing the storage space in the fridge. Here are some we absolutely like.

iSpecle Under Shelf Basket


Got plenty of unused overhead space under a shelf on your fridge? Get some use out of that with this basket, which hooks to the front edge of the shelf to turn it into a functional storage space. A wide open front allows you to put stuff in as conveniently as you take them out, while the prominent placement makes it great for use with perishable items, so you may be regularly reminded of the things you’ll need to consume sooner rather than later. At over 10 inches deep and nearly 17 inches wide, it can hold quite a lot of stuff, too, all while attaching seamlessly onto any shelf up to 1.3 inches thick.

iSPECLE Under Shelf Basket, 4 Pack Wire Rack,...
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A uniquely clever contraption, this rotating caddy combines two lazy Susans, one behind the other, with a divider running down the middle. When you turn the front disc, the contents of both discs start moving, allowing you to easily access a bottle in the rear with just a few turns of the disc. While the design is impressive, the size of the caddy (11.8 x 6.7 x 3.8 inches, depth x width x height) only accommodates jars of a smaller diameter, making it very limited in the kind of things it can store. It’s stackable, by the way, but that only further limits its function, as the bottom unit cannot hold tall jars and bottles when configured in this manner. Still, if you can find uses for this in your own fridge (e.g. if you prefer buying smaller jars of salsa, mayonnaise, and the like), it’s one of the cooler solutions we’ve seen so far.

Zip n Store Bag Organizer


Zippered storage bags are great, as they let you keep food items fresh without taking up as much space as traditional plastic containers. Problem is, they don’t exactly store in a neat pile, making it easy for that bag holding some leftover burgers to slip in the back and end up forgotten for the next two months. The Zip n Store offers a more organized way of storing bags in the fridge by letting you hang them in a rack that attaches on the underside of a shelf using an adhesive backing. Each rack can hold up to 20 bags and supports a maximum load of 20 pounds, all while sliding out like a drawer for easy access to all storage slots.

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mDesign Countertop Wine Rack


Designed to hold a standard wine bottle each, this stackable wine rack lets you store multiple bottles in a single file, piling on as many of them as the fridge’s vertical room will allow. Open front and top sections make it easy to put bottles in and take them out, while a shatter-resistant plastic construction should make it safe for regular contact with heavy glass bottles. Not a fan of wine? They can also be used to store water and soda bottles, provided they come in narrow profiles similar to wine bottles. Oh yeah, when you’re not chilling the wine, these things should fit comfortably in the kitchen cabinets, too.

mDesign Plastic Free-Standing Wine Set Rack...
  • STACKABLE STORAGE: Each rack holds 1 wine bottle or bottled beverage for organized kitchen...

Deco Bros Stackable Shelves


Got too much vertical space in the fridge? Use these stackable shelves to turn the erstwhile empty space into multiple levels of storage, allowing you to maximize the use of space, better organize the fridge’s contents, and make them easier to access than the tall stack of containers you normally end up with. We know, it’s designed for kitchen cabinets and shelves, rather than your kitchen’s food-cooling appliance, but it can be useful for organizing both the fridge and freezer all the same. It’s foldable, too, making it easy to collapse and put away when you don’t need the extra shelving.

Deco Brothers Stackable Cabinet Shelf Organizer, 2...
  • 2 shelves are stackable to each other.

Neu Home Can Dispenser


If you drink plenty of canned beverages at home, you probably keep them stacked in a corner of the fridge. While that works, this dispenser should work a heck of a lot better. Available in 12- and 24-can sizes, it lets you keep a dozen cans in a single two-level file, such that when you take the one out front, the rest of the cans roll through behind it. A flat surface on top even provides handy shelf space that you can use to hold any extra cans, along with other stuff you need to refrigerate.

MineDecor Storage Bin with Handle


Sometimes, you just need containers to organize all the stuff you have chilling in the fridge. And these large, open-top containers make a terrific job of doing just that, with their clear, perforated walls revealing the contents in plain sight and sturdy handles allowing you to slide them out like a drawer for easy access. It’s just a neater, cleaner, and overall smarter way of organizing your fridge.

MineSign Plastic Storage Containers Square Handle...
  • Large storage bin with lids: 12.4 inch x 6.5 inch x 5.7 inch - L x W x H (volume of 30-cup)

mDesign Stackable Container


There’s nothing complicated here: it’s a shallow container with clear walls and a lid that you can stack on top of each other. With clear walls, you can see the contents easily. With the lid, all its contents should stay fresh for longer. With the stackable design, you can pile as many as the fridge will accommodate, making it quite the efficient way to stash both fresh food and leftovers.

mDesign Slim Plastic Food Storage Container Bin...
  • SMART STORAGE: This storage organizer fits boxed foods, condiments, spices, baking supplies, dry...

Fridge Monkey


Stacking bottles horizontally is an efficient way of storing them in the refrigerator shelves. Problem is, bottles roll, which can cause quite the ugly mess inside the fridge. This grooved rubber mat will keep those bottles, cans, and jars steady while they sit there horizontally, eliminating the chances of having the bottles roll whenever there’s any sort of movement. Each mat can store 10 beer bottles, 10 cans, or five wine bottles, all in a pyramid configuration.

Fridge Monkey Mat - Wine & Soda Can Organizer for...
  • SPACE SAVERS ORGANIZERS: Meet the Fridge Monkey, the flexible rubber mat designed to maximize...



If you stock bottles upon bottles of beer (or other drinks), chances are, you’re storing them in a pyramid-shaped pile. Maybe you even use a Fridge Monkey to keep the bottles from rolling. While that works well enough, BottleLoft is proposing something way cooler with their magnetized strips. Instead of stacking bottles on a shelf, you attach the strips to the ceiling of the fridge or the bottom of a shelf using the built-in adhesive backing, which then allows you to hang bottles onto it (the bottle caps snap on to the magnets). Not only does it make for a cool way to store bottles, it frees up a good load of valuable shelf space underneath.