10 Fun Looking Fitness Equipment To Help You Lose Weight In 2012

If there is one thing for sure when it comes to weight loss, its this. There is no magic pill or a workout machine that is going to make you chiseled in 30 days or less.  Losing weight is not some mystery either that you cannot figure out neither is it torture and starvation. Yes, some people are overweight because of medical reasons and it can be very tough to maintain a healthy weight.

But if you are FAT by choice (I refuse to use the word BIG in this context. Bodybuilders are Big. If you are 80 pounds overweight because your dinner has to end with a 600 calorie desert, then you are FAT ) then you owe it to yourself to keep your weight in check. I myself was guilty of the whole desert after dinner routine. Then one day I realized how it actually makes me lethargic rather then energetic even if I had a good healthy meal. I personally feel weight loss starts with healthy eating and a good exercise routine really can help get things in high gear.

2012 is here and if this is the year you finally want to commit to losing that gut or shedding those extra 40 pounds, here is some cool home fitness equipment that might help you make that happen.  Don’t buy any of this if you know its just going to sit there collecting dust like the stuff you bought last year. Remember just buying a Gym membership or this fitness stuff is not going to help. Its gonna take some effort and commitment. Heck if you watched what you eat and went for a 30-60 minute walk everyday, I doubt you even need any of this equipment. But if you are looking to add a little fun factor to your daily workout routine at home, some of this cool stuff might be worth checking out.


Journey Gym

A “portable gym” might sound like a misnomer, but that’s exactly what the Journey Gym is. Closed up, it just looks like a slightly oversized briefcase.  In fact, you can carry it around like one.  Open it up, though, and the case quickly folds out to turn into a very compact gym.  The case itself serves as the stepper platform with a system of resistance bands installed underneath.  The bands are accessible via hooking points from the outside — just attach them to the included handles and do your exercises.  Different bands offer different resistance (anywhere from 5 to 75 pounds on each side), so you can vary your workouts immensely.  It allows for plenty of exercises, too, letting you get a full body workout while using very little space in the room.  [Amazon]



While they’re, technically, just kettlebells, these Demonbells make swinging, snatching and windmilling steel balls a whole lot more ominous.  Perfect, if you’re into working out with horrorcore rap or demonic black metal blaring in the background.  Also perfect if you want exercise equipment but have no place to hide them — these things should make for gorgeous table or shelf display, provided the gnarly faces don’t freak you out. Each unique sculpted Demonbell features anatomically-designed handle grips, distributed weight for better balance and specially-angled backsides to match forearm angles during exercises.  Comes in four weights, each one with a different face design. [Demonbells]



If you’re not into freaking the kids out but still want to do a kettlebell program at home, the Powerbell should figure as an excellent choice. Instead of buying multiple kettlebells of different weights, this adjustable unit features removable weight plates that you can use to vary the heft anywhere from 10 to 40 pounds.  That way, you get the benefit of multiple kettlebells of different weights, all while taking just one spot in your home gym. [Powerbell]


Torque Fitness F7 Fold-Away Strength Trainer

Getting one of those do-it-all home gyms is awesome for getting a full workout in the convenience of your abode.  The sheer size of those things, however, make them both a space hog and an absolute eyesore.  The Torque Fitness F7 Fold-Away Strength Trainer solves that problem by folding into its own cabinet that you can back up neatly into a wall.  When rolled out, this complete home exerciser  features an adjustable flat-to-incline bench, a pair of independent weight stacks (so you can work out left and right sides separately), a pair of adjustable swivel pulleys with 30 vertical adjustment slots, integrated pull-up bar with weight assist, a straight bar, a leg boot and adapters for other Torque home gym accessories.  The bench is completely removable, too, so you can work out standing, kneeling or with an exercise ball as your seat.  [FitnessOutlet]


WaterRower Rowing Machine

Rowing machines generally do a good job simulating the same movements you’ll make when paddling a kayak on the water.  Only problem is, it really just feels like pulling a cable on a rolling seat, instead of actually emulating the feeling of rowing.  Not with the WaterRower, which uses a water-based flywheel  to provide the most accurate rowing experience indoors.  Instead of the unnatural resistance offered by more traditional flywheels, this machine takes advantage of the natural density of water to give consistent resistance throughout the entire duration of each stroke.  Plus, the solid oak frame and low-profile design makes it look amazingly good for an exercise equipment, too. [Hammacher Schlemmer]


RealRyder ABF8

Stationary bicycles can make for an effective calorie-burning cardio workout.  The repetitive pedaling in place, however, will probably bore you well before you even come close to your target weight loss goals.  The RealRyder ABF8 offers a fuller, more complete bicycling experience, engaging your core muscles just as much as it works out your legs.  How?  By using an articulating frame that allows the bike to tilt and flex while you ride, forcing you to adjust and use numerous muscle groups to restore your balance.  Oh yeah, it comes with two bottle holders — one for your drink, the other for a remote.  [RealRyder]


Ab Solo

I’m not entirely convinced that the Ab Solo is better than just doing straight-up weighted crunches, but you have to admit: this looks heck of a lot more fun.  Combining ab workouts with shooting hoops, the machine has you picking up a medicine ball from the front holding area, leaning back to give you momentum, and tossing the projectile at a target in front.  The result is a solid workout for your abs, obliques and lower back, all while involving the rest of your upper body in the movement.  Each home set comes with 6 medicine balls of varying weights.  [Amazon]



Climbing rope is very boring.  But if you enjoy boring exercise, you can’t do any worse than the MtEverClimb, a machine that has you climbing an endless length of rope.  Billed as a “continuous rope-climbing machine,” it uses a motorized pulley wheel and looped rope assembly to create a perpetual cord to wrap your hands and legs on.  Features include auto-shutoff via floor sensors, an angled footrest if you need a breather and adjustable speed.  Oh yeah, the rope can run both directions, so you can simulate both climbing up and climbing down. [MtEverClimb]


Xbox 360 + Kinect

The Wii used to be the de facto destination for fitness video games.  This year, it’s the Xbox 360 and Kinect.  With less accessories to mess with and no controllers  to hold in your hand, you really get full freedom to move your body as needed.  There are tons of fitness titles available for the Kinect, too, from the numerous dance games to casual fitness games to more hardcore stuff like the UFC Trainer.  Plus, you can use the Xbox to play real video games once you get tired of all this exercise nonsense, instead of gathering dust in the attic like all your previous home gym purchases.  [Amazon]



Bodyweight exercises are great.  While they don’t quite offer the same high level of resistance as weighted workouts, they do free you up from being tied to any equipment to get your training done.  If you choose to shed the pounds this way, we highly recommend the FItDeck, a set of playing cards that list illustrated bodyweight exercises, so you don’t need to keep checking the internet for new ones to do.  Plus, you can pick exercises randomly (just shuffle the cards and pick one), so you don’t have to do the same boring program  every single time.  Even better, they come in themed decks, such as exercises you can do in the office, on the stairs, and in the pool.   And if you’d rather not carry a stack of cards around, they have a mobile app available for all major smartphone platforms. [Amazon, Fitdeck Mobile]