Even With 10 Pockets, These Stowaway Travel Pants Manage To Maintain A Flattering Fit


Cargo pants are great if you want to cram lots of things in your pockets. If you want to dress in any way other than casual, though, cargo pants are going to make it near-impossibly difficult. These Stowaway Travel Pants offer a solution.

Made by Betabrand, it’s, basically, a pair of pseudo-cargo pants. As in, they have those pockets on the sides, but they’re flat with no flap, enabling a more flattering silhouette than those that typical cargo pants will provide.


From the outside, the Betabrand Stowaway Travel Pants has six pockets – two in front, two in the back, and two on the sides. Except, the front pockets also have secret pockets inside, raising the count to eight. Then, the two side pockets also has one zippered secret pocket each, giving the pants a total of 10 individual pockets that you can use to efficiently organize your gear, whether for a trip or a busy day at work. Yes, we have a feeling these things look nice enough to pass off for actual work pants, although your actual results may vary.


Construction is a two-way stretch fabric made from 95 percent polyester and 5 percent spandex, making it extremely comfortable and wrinkle-resistant. It even comes with a gusseted crotch for added mobility, making it ideal for active days out exploring a new city, as well as a snap-front closure to make putting the pants on hassle-free.

The Stowaway Travel Pants is currently crowdfunding over at Betabrand. Current price is set at $100. Combine it with a Scottevest coat and you may not need to actually carry any luggage whatsoever.

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