10 Things To Help Turn Your Bedroom Into A Spaceship

You always wanted to live in a spaceship.  I mean, who doesn’t?  Exploring new frontiers, pioneering for humankind and meeting alien space babes (hey, you never know) sounds a heck of a lot of fun.  While living in a spaceship probably isn’t your true calling (for one, you barely passed high school physics), you could spruce up the bedroom and make it feel like one.  Here are a few things you could consider picking up.

1. Star Trek Enterprise Bridge Chair Rail Wall Mural

Forget about painting a mural to turn your walls into that of a spaceship.  That’s a heck of a lot of work you’d rather not be doing.  Instead of messing around with brushes and paints, just pick up this officially-licensed full-wall decal instead.  Measuring 9 inches tall and 15 inches wide, it puts a high-def print of the Star Trek Enterprise Bridge right around you.  Heck, it makes the room look bigger, too.  Made by XL Wall Murals.  [Buy]

2. Relaxman Relaxation Capsule

You wanted a spaceship bedroom, so forget about ever getting a bed.  Have you ever seen an astronaut sleep in a king-sized mattress with a bed frame? Instead, pick yourself up one of these crazy-ass sleeping pods that’s billed as “one of the finest relaxation devices invented.”  Claimed to be used in “health clinics all over Europe,” the Swiss-designed capsule is completely heat-, light-, and sound-proof, guaranteeing your  complete isolation from the rest of humanity.  Inside, it features a heated water mattress, built-in sound system and relaxation lighting.  According to the product page, 50 minutes of rest inside the capsule is all you need to combat the stresses of the modern space age.  Since you’ll be sleeping in it a full 8 hours every night, we’re guessing you’ll be conquering galaxies soon.  Available at Amazon.

3. Tyke Supply Hex 6-LCD Monitor Stand

All spaceships have lots of consoles.  Never mind that each one is only showing random numbers and even more random graphics.  You need them.  While we’ve seen 8-monitor mounts before, the Hex 6-LCD Monitor Stand should prove a more cost-effective alternative, especially considering you’ll buy more than one of them (hey, spaceships have more than six consoles).  Made from die cast aluminum, the stand features 48-inch double-link swing arms, easy rotation around the poles and adjustable distance between monitors.  For installing, it can be clamped onto a sturdy desk or mounted on a wall.  Warning: this thing can get heavy, so make sure you mount it somewhere that can handle the heft.  [Amazon]

4. The Illumicube

What the hell does thing do?  I don’t know, either.  But all those lights in a clear acrylic frame measuring 6.5 x 5 x 5 inches look mighty amazing.  Stack them up and you can make them look like they’re supposed to be very important ship performance indicators or something.  Each one crams 64 LEDs capable of generating 4,096 different colors, all lighting up in various patterns and successions.  At the least, it should make for one weird trip.  The LEDs will last up to 100,000 hours. [Hammacher Schlemmer]

5. Montegnano Swivel Chair

In a perfect world, you’ll have Captain Kirk’s chair to rule over your ship with.  If you can have that custom-built, then awesome.  Otherwise, this Montegnano Swivel Chair looks fit for the job.  Based loosely on Kirk’s famed chair, the swiveling captain’s seat features smooth spinning action, a deep button back with plating and polyurethane upholstery.   It’s offered in a variety of colors, but we prefer the gold (because we’re all iced-out rappers around here, you see).  [FurnitureForUs]

6. Color Changing Light Bulb

What’s a spaceship with the same white interior lighting throughout its existence?  A lame one.  Pull out that old bulb and throw in a Color-Changing Light Bulb.    Controlled by a remote, this one can change into any of 16 colors and perform light effects (flash, strobe, fade and smooth).  Whether you’re hitting a patch of asteroids or being attacked by a race of robot life forms, you can simulate what’s happening by some simple remote control magic. Plus, it uses just 3 watts of energy, with a 51,000-hour lifespan.  This color changing light bulb is available at Amazon.

7. IRIS 9000

Every spaceship  needs a robot that communicates with its life forms.  While that’s still the stuff of science fiction, the IRIS 9000 (with a big help from Siri and an iPhone 4S) bring you a considerable ways closer to it.  With a built-in mic and loudspeakers, you can use Apple’s robot assistant even from across the ship, while the big flickering red eye should make you feel like you’re speaking to a real-life HAL 9000.  Or something similar.

8. Swizz Style Fred Humidifier

Your room could use a steam humidifier?  Get this one, instead of picking up anything else.  Don’t really need a humidifer?  Get it, anyway, because it looks like a robot pet. Every spaceship needs a robot pet, doesn’t it?  Designed by Matti Walker, the Swizz Style Fred features low and high power settings, 2 gallons per day steam output, quiet operation and auto-shutoff once water is depleted.  Measures 14.2 x 14.2 x 10.2 inches and comes in a variety of colors (we recommend the silver, though, since it looks more fitting).

9. CYI Laser Theater

Spaceships and lasers go hand in hand.   And this little contraption delivers crazy laser shows like a real big boss.   Able to create light shows up to 100 feet wide, it features one green laser, one red laser and four interchangeable holographic lenses that combine to create up to 39 different combinations.  There’s speed control, too, so you can go as slow or as fast as you like. Available here.

10. Spaceship Control Panel Wall Mural

Every bedroom has a cabinet.  Unless you don’t change clothes.  At any rate, that cabinet will stick out from your erstwhile spaceship abode.  What to do?  Lay over the surfaces with this Spaceship Control Panel decal and turn large furniture  into crap that looks like they’re used for something in the ship.  Made from high-grade vinyl, it peels and sticks quickly in place with no creasing or tearing.  Easy to remove and put somewhere else, too.  Dimensions are 52 x 25 inches.  [Amazon]