12-in-1 Tool Pen: Your Writing Instrument Is Now A Versatile Multi-Tool


It looks like any ordinary pen. The 12-in-1 Tool Pen is a versatile multi-tool that should make for a much handier alternative to whatever writing instrument you carry as part of your EDC kit.

Granted, a pen’s slim, tube-shaped body doesn’t exactly make it an ideal handle for a whole lot of tools. If you can work with it, however, this thing bundles a full dozen functions while taking up no more space than any regular pen.


The 12-in-1 Tool Pen comes with a retractable ballpoint pen that you can use to jot down notes and leave markings on your maker projects. As for the tools, it comes with swappable blades that you can put at the tip in place of the pen nib. These include a Phillips driver, a flat driver, a short blade, wire strippers, a file, a hole punch, a saw, a long blade, and a fork. It also includes a scraper and a pair of tweezers that you can use as standalone tools.


When not in use, all the tools can be hidden in their individual compartment along the body of the pen. That’s right, the body is the storage section, which severely limits the amount of ink in the actual pen, so this might end up finding more use as a multi-tool than an actual writing instrument.

Available now, the 12-in-1 Tool Pen is priced at $11.99.

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