12X Magnification Vanity Mirror

Popping zits is always done better in front of a mirror.  Doing so lets you see what you’re squeezing on.  That way, you can get the best leverage, helping you minimize the pain while maximizing efficiency with every squeeze.  Or something like that.  While popping zits is never fun, you can make it just a little more entertaining by doing the deed in front of this 12X Magnification Vanity Mirror.

That’s right, everything you see in the mirror gets magnified twelve-fold.  From those pores on your face to the hair on your ears to the painful zit growing out the tip of your nose.  And, yes, all that gross yellow pus that squirts out of it will be blown up, too. Eek.

The 12X Magnification Mirror looks like a standard round vanity mirror at first glance, the kind you’ll find in dressers and bathroom counters most any place you go to.  Measuring 17.25 x 11 x 5.5 inches (h x w x d), it comes in a metal body with a silver finish, so it should look perfectly suited to whatever room decor you station it with.  The rotating dual-sided mirror surface measures 8.5 inches in diameter, with both mirrors surrounded by bright low-energy LEDs that aid visibility, so you can stare at your supersized face even better.

Seriously, this sounds like the best mirror any boy (or a grown man, for that matter) with a penchant for unpleasant sights can ask for, allowing you to check all manners of gross objects in giant form, from the steak caught in the back of your teeth to the slimy hairs hanging out of your nostrils.  Of course, we’re sure girls who like to do their makeup with maximum visibility will probably enjoy it, too.

Hammacher Schlemmer has the 12X Magnification Vanity Mirror available, priced at $139.95.

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