14-Day Lantern Illuminates Your Extended Night Treks Without A Battery Change


Want to hit the outdoors for an extended period of time?  Arm up with the 14-Day Lantern and never be without light again.  Unless you get lost and end up wandering the woods for over a month, that is.

How does it last that long?  Instead of conventional bulbs, the lantern uses LEDs, allowing it to use just a fraction of energy while providing ample lighting for your outdoor needs.  Created for those extra-long treks into the wild, this portable lighting contraption (only 1.75 lbs) can give you an insane 336 hours of non-stop lighting.

That’s an entire two weeks of illumination even when you’re trapped in a cave without a window to the world.  When used only after the sun sets, it can keep your camping area lit for an even longer period.  Take that, backup battery supply.  You’re not needed anymore.

The 14-Day Lantern uses four D batteries to power up, squeezing every drop to give you a ridiculously long period of use.  Sporting a cylindrical design measuring 12.75 (height) x 6.5 (diameter) inches, it provides a full 360-degrees of illumination, making it a great substitute for a campfire when all you need is some light to gather around on.   It will conserve the power to last the maximum time at 160 lumens, while using it up in about 175 hours (over 7 days) at the brightest setting (in case you’re really, really afraid of the dark, you sissy).

According to the sales page, it’s extra-safe since it produces no heat and will float when dropped in water.   It’s waterproof, too, so you can use it to see how many piranhas are chomping at you when you fall in the water.  That’s a lot of light for $69.96 and a foursome of batteries, donchathink?