17 Across: A Pen That Does Everything

crossword-penThe answer: The Crossword 4-Function Pen.  This little pen features an ink cartridge for regular penning, but also has a pencil with eraser, an orange highlighter and a PDA stylus.  Each of the functions can be refilled and it simple to use.  Rotate the pen to select which function you want to use, and click the button to extend the point.  Use the second button to retract it. The best part is that the pen is colored in a stylish crossword puzzle style so people won’t be walking off with your pen.  It’s made of aluminum and covered in a high shine lacquer finish.

So before you go to the office supply store and fill your desk with unnecessary writing instruments, consider the Crossword 4-Function Pen for $35.00.  You’ll be glad you have it next time you lose your stylus or need a highlighter or pencil away from your desk.