1930s French Postal Desk Will Give Your Home Office Some Class

Need a work desk with lots of storage space and some old-school vintage charms?  We can’t imagine a better fit than this 1930s French Postal Desk, an all-in-one desktop furniture that would make the perfect home office centerpiece.

A replica of an antique French postal desk, the originals were literally used for sorting mail back in the 1930s.  This function should explain the rows upon rows of compartmentalized shelves, where you can display your books, tabletop toys and other work accessories.

The 1930s French Postal Desk is made from rust-proof coated steel and measures 41 x 37 x 79 inches.  Table has a sturdy, broad work surface, with a single drawer and a low shelf situated near the bottom.  No need to bring your own chair either, as it comes with a cushioned stool sporting a pivot attachment that hides under the desk.  Both the tabletop and the seat cushions are covered in hand-tanned and hand-stained leather, which helps capture the antique rustic appearance.

Sitting atop the desk are 25 assorted cubbies built as one frame, which can be detached if you have a low ceiling or if you prefer your storage assembly somewhere else in the room.  The whole thing is artisan-crafted, hand-built and hand-finished, so there are variations in the wood, metal and leather work done on each piece that make it unique.

From the looks of it, this 1930s French Postal Desk will make an excellent work area for any home office.  Provided you actually make money in your home-bound job, since it’s not cheap.  You can get one from Restoration Hardware, priced at $2,995.

[Restoration Hardware]