1976 Mazda Pickup Converted Into A Truck-Sized Radio Flyer

Because you can do whatever the heck you want when you’re old and grey, a senior couple recently converted a pickup truck into a giant Radio Flyer.  Yes, you can haul it, drive it and even load it with giant pet rocks.

Fred Keller and Judy Foster, a couple from Alaska, took on the job as a retirement project, spurred by fond memories of their own classic red wagons from childhood.  They poured eleven months of work on the build, turning up the finished product in August of this year.

The Radio Flyer Truck uses a 1976 Mazda pickup as base, which is virtually unidentifiable on the finished ride.  Body makes a perfect resemblance to the classic wagons, complete with  a large logo on the side and a towing bar out front.  Hubcap has an integrated detergent bottle cap (for that red highlight) and the steering wheel is an actual Radio Flyer’s wheel.

We’re not sure if it’s road-legal, but the couple says they drive it around town all the time.  So it probably is.  Or cops in Alaska just can’t bear to give a sweet-looking old couple a pile of tickets for endless violations.  You can see a video from the link below.

[via KTUU]