A One-Off, Kid-Sized 1992 Ferrari F40 Goes On Sale

A one-of-a-kind Ferrari just went on sale at Hemmings. While not technically a real Prancing Horse, this 1992 Ferrari F40 is a kid-sized two-seater, created as a novelty prop for the opening of the very first Ferrari dealership in Moscow.

While it is, for all intents and purposes, a novelty, the kiddie car does set itself up as the king of all junior rides. Put together in Germany, it was designed and built by the same guys who does the wind tunnel models for the Ferrari Factory F1 Team. That means it arguably fosters sleeker lines and smarter aerodynamics than the car I drive. Poor me.

The vehicle is based, of course, on the Ferrari F40, a two-door sports coupe that the company produced between 1987 to 1992. It’s made to scale, with the whole body certified correct to the full-sized original. We’re not sure if you’ll actually let a child drive it, since it does pack a decent-sounding 80cc Honda Motor, which I’ve seen haul average-sized go-karts for up to 35mph (and scooters at around 50 mph). No word on how fast this custom model can go, though, I’m assuming around 20mph or less.

If you’ve ever wanted a Ferrari but can never afford one, this could be your chance. Sure, it won’t exactly be a chick magnet like a real Fezza and you’ll likely end up with terrible posture, but it’s halfway there. Plus, you can tell everyone it’s the new, compact, environmentally-friendly Ferrari model. Freshly-painted and ready to run, it’s the most affordable Ferrari you’re likely to find at $25,000.

[Hemmings via Automotto]