19Moons: Steampunk Jewelry And More


Looking for unique jewelry without the mind-blowing costs of studded luxury pieces?  If you’re into the edgier fringes of fashion ornamentation, 19Moons just might turn out to be your new favorite brand.

Specializing in “Steampunk, Neo-Victorian, Retro and Industrial designs,” 19Moons crafts pieces out of vintage items and discarded trash, including old typewriters, broken cell phones and watch parts.  The result is nothing short of eye-catching, with some accessories looking like they leapt straight out of a fantasy novel.

The brand is the brainchild of designer Niffer Desmond, who crafts the jewelry pieces with the goal of producing one-of-a-kind ornamentation.  There’s little limit to the stuff she ends up with, resulting in a variety of styles that range from simple to elegant to downright strange.  Materials also don’t get discriminated as her creations boast of everything from stones to silver to plastic.

While I rarely wear jewelry (being a dude and all), some of her pieces just reach out to me. A Steampunk octopus lapel pin?  A winged machine pendant?  Bracelets made out of 80s-era pay phone keys?  I’ve never seen a better reason for a man to wear ornamentation – it’s gorgeous without being prissy.

According to Niffer, she uses mostly recycled materials for her work and similarly employs eco-friendly packaging when sending out orders.  Considering how good they look, 19Moons pieces are a steal at the price range they’re selling at – between $35 to just under $100 depending on the item.

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[19Moons via Wicked Halo]