1UglyShirt: When You’re Too Cool For Stylish Threads


Need an ugly outfit?  Look no further than 1UglyShirt, an online men’s apparel store where all clothes and accessories were picked out especially for their makers’ bad judgment.

Let’s face it – dressing stylishly costs a bundle.  Apart from the cash requirements, a lot of fashionable outfits tend to make people (at least, the variety that aren’t shaped like runway models) a bit uncomfortable.  As such, most of us try to make do with what we can muster – halfway-fashionable clothing that makes us look like generic mall rats.

As an alternative, why not dress intentionally bad and stick a huge fist up the style establishment’s kisser?

Taking pride in quality awfulness, 1UglyShirt’s clothes are chosen specifically for their lack of any agreeable taste.  Their inventory of the most horrendous fashion mistakes are sourced off the bins of charity-supporting thrift shops nationwide.  Once plucked from their lives of obscurity, the clothes are cleaned, repaired and made sure to offer quality wear, all while retaining all their inborn hideousness.

Whether you’re looking for horrid shirts, revolting jackets or the cheesiest ties, 1UglyShirt guarantees you can find a piece that’s bound to offend the fashion police.   Ugly may not be the new cool, but isn’t there something so intrinsically fascinating about looking intentionally repulsive?

[1UglyShirt via Thrillist]