2-in-1 Cigar Holder And Flask Supports Your Two Favorite Vices

If you’re going to hold on to a vice, might as well make it two.  We’re guessing that’s the rationale behind this 2-in-1 Cigar Holder and Flask, which gives you a pocket-stuffed container for your after-work relaxation staples.

While styled as a standard drink flask, the container actually comes with a second opening that leads to a slot for two 46-ring cigars up to 7 inches long.  That way, you can follow up a bite of your favorite scotch with a drag of your favorite Cubans while you whisk the troubles of the day away.

The 2-in-1 Cigar Holder and Flask measures 7 x 3.25 x 0.5 inches, so you’ll need literal deep pockets to hold this thing securely.  It’s made from stainless steel so it should hold up just as well as the usual keeper of your daily libations (i.e. your Star Trek Flask).   Granted, the cigar container shrinks the amount of liquor you can carry (just 4 ounces), but two and three-quarter shots should be enough to calm the nerves but that will also ensure you don’t get plastered before the big meeting which is definitely a good thing.  Oh yeah, you can get it engraved, too, so you can put a semi-funny ironic message to make you feel just a little less of the office drone you fear you’re slowly turning into.

You can get the 2-in-1 Cigar Holder and Flask for $27.95.  Engravings cost an extra $5 per line.

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