2009 American Silver Eagle Coins: Add A Little Precious Metal To Your Portfolio


Looking for a place to invest all that money you collected from your previous bank heists and ponzi schemes?  How about bullion coins, specifically the hugely popular 2009 American Silver Eagle?

A lot of current investments are either crap or pose too much risk.  That’s why precious metals, like these bullion coins, are taking off among folks in search of a trouble-free product to put in their liquid assets.  In fact, the 1oz Silver Eagle has seen unprecedented sales during the past year, compared to any other time during its over twenty years of existence.  Extremely cost-effective, it’s arguably the most convenient way to add a small amount of silver (or a lot, if you buy in bulk) to your current investment portfolio.

First produced back in 1986, the American Silver Eagle Coin has been a perennial favorite among collectors and investors alike.  Authorized by congress and produced by the US Mint, it has a face value of $1, with an image of a Walking Liberty (based on sculptor Adolph A. Weinman’s design) adorning the front and a heraldic eagle (by John Mercanti) on the back.  These coins are usually sold in sets of five or ten, with each piece made from .999 fine silver.

Interested in acquiring a few of this leading bullion coin investment product?  Check out US Mint for more info.