2009 Gullwing-America 300 SL Panamericana: Classic Looks, Modern Tech


The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing supports one of the most iconic shapes in the history of cars.  As such, it isn’t a surprise that the classically-enamored Gullwing-America is looking to relaunch the model “with technology from 50 years later.”

Based on a reproduction from German garage Hoope’r, the 2009 Gullwing-America 300 SL Panamericana will come in a powder-coated steel chassis with fiberglass-reinforced aluminum bodywork.  The frame will consist of a half-millimeter layer of sprayed aluminum that’s coated with epoxy and topped with several layers of woven glass cloth – aircraft composite style.

The car will fit in a 5.5 liter M-133-55 V8 engine (the same used in the SLR McLaren) and BMW’s five-speed ZF automatic transmission.  Retuning will get the engine up to 370hp and a whopping 530 Nm of torque.  Other  updates will include an independent suspension, custom exhaust and radiator and adjustable coilovers.

While the bumpers have been removed, Gullwing-America is adding new side mufflers and a modernized grill for an even more striking appearance.  Riding low on 17-inch AMG wheels, the white-clad and red-accented Panamericana looks way cooler than I ever imagined the original SL ever being.  For a more authentic cabin experience, the reproduction gets to keep the instrument panel from the original car.

Pricing and availability will likely depend on the amount of interest the car generates.  Given that Gullwing-America’s last big release, the Bentley S3 E, is selling for around $150,000, it isn’t too far off to imagine this costing a similarly steep price.


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