2011 Ferrari 150 Italia Replica Steering Wheel Makes Us Drool

If somebody wants to release a driving controller for consoles that everyone will want to buy, they should deck it to look like this 1/1 Scale Full Size 2011 Ferrari 150° Italia Replica.   I mean, wouldn’t you want a game accessory that looks this crazy?

Made by Ferrari, it’s an exact likeness of the steering wheel used by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa during the 2011 F1 season.  The bad news is, it’s just a display piece (although all controls are moveable), so you can neither install it in your econo-car to make it look badass nor use it with your DIY R-Cade Cabinet setup.  Of course, you can always hold it in your hand, close your eyes and pretend you’re streaking down the tracks at Nürburgring (if you can imagine Scarlett Johansson  in your bed during lonely nights, we’re pretty sure you can manage this).

The 2011 Ferrari 150° Italia replica steering wheel is an accurate recreation, sans the actual electronics.   Like the real thing, it’s hand-built out of carbon fiber, with fully moveable knobs, paddles, switches and buttons (you just have to make up what happens in your head).

Do note that you’ll probably strain your arms trying to play with this thing, as it weighs a hefty 14.5 kilograms.  We doubt that can sufficiently dissuade people, though — this thing just looks too sweet not to grab and toy with.

Only 250 examples of the 1/1 Scale Full Size 2011 Ferrari 150° Italia steering wheel replica will be made, each one with a certificate of authenticity and a unique numbered plaque on the included base.  Price is € 1,898 (around $2,250).

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