2013 Hess Truck & Tractor – Must See Pics!

Hess Toy Trucks have become an annual American tradition, with a new high-quality affordable model coming out every holiday season since the toy’s inception in 1964. Both kids and collectors alike wait in anticipation for the latest year’s model, making it a special event all on its own.

The newest 2013 Hess Toy Truck model, a truck and tractor combo is available now. We decided to commemorate this much-awaited drop with a photo gallery of this Toy Truck from Cool Things’ personal collection.

2013 Holiday Season’s offering brings Hess Toy Trucks to mountainous work areas, with a heavy-duty truck that transports a multi-terrain tractor. The truck brings four distinct sounds (ignition, horn, back up, and ramp activation), 45 working lights, and an extendable rear-loading ramp with accompanying lift sounds for letting the tractor on and off. The tractor gets 15 working lights, front and rear buckets, motorized reverse and forward motion, and rubber tracks that let it drive over the most difficult terrains. Enjoy the photo gallery as we would also be publishing a lot more from our collection soon.