2015 Linear Calendar Lets You See The Year In A Single Uninterrupted Timeline


Regular calendars, which divide the year in twelve pages that chart a single month apiece, work well enough. As functional as those are, though, they don’t exactly feel congruent to the way we experience time – a linear event that hops from one day to the next. Chances are, this 2015 Linear Calendar will be more suited to the way we’ll perceive the year ahead.

Made by Unifiber, it’s a six-foot long print that you can mount on the wall horizontally, allowing you to track the year from left to right in a single uninterrupted timeline. Like regular calendars, you can mark each day with important events throughout the year. Unlike them, the unique presentation makes it easy to see just how many days, weeks, or months you have to go before you can hold out on paying the rent before the landlord kicks you out. Or something like that.


The Linear Calendar is printed on a thick gloss poster-stock with a matte finish, so it should be durable enough to last you the full year, unlike flimsy paper calendars. Days are separated by a light gray line, weekends are shaded in dark gray, and months are separated by a thick dark gray line, making it easy to absorb the entire visual as spatial information. Each calendar measures 5 inches tall, giving you enough space to either write notes on or slap stick-on pads to mark off important dates.


Available for preorder now with a January ship date, the 2015 Linear Calendar retails for $26.99.

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