2018 Ubco 2×2 Is An Electric Bike For Both City Commutes And Off-Road Adventure


Most electric bikes are designed to make bicycle commuting an easier affair, since they make for quite a cost-effective way of getting yourself around town. While the 2018 Ubco 2×2 does make for a capable city bike, it sets itself apart by being duly-equipped to conquer the off-road in just as capable a manner.

To the unfamiliar, the original Ubco was designed for the farm, allowing workers to ride silently across their property without creating a ruckus that could disturb their herds. As such, it was rigged to perform capably in unpaved terrain – a characteristic it retains for the latest iteration. Unlike its predecessor, the bike has also been updated to make it safe for city riding, making for a more versatile ride.


The 2018 Ubco 2×2 is powered by two brushless hub motors mounted in each wheel that produce a combined power of 2000 watts, which is around 2.7 horsepower. The dual-motor setup is powerful enough to let it hit top speeds of 30 mph, all while climbing up 30 percent gradients without any difficulty. Speed, by the way, can be electronically-limited through the companion app, so you can set a lower max speed if you want to keep it from going too fast (such as when your kids want to try it). It pairs those motors with a 48Ah Portage battery system that gives it a generous range of 75 miles, which also comes with two USB slots and a 12-volt outlet that lets you charge tools and gadgets directly from the bike. It takes between six to eight hours to recharge from a standard outlet.

A step-through frame makes it easy to get on and off the bike, apart from giving it a low center of gravity that makes the bike stable and easy to balance. Construction is lightweight 7000-series alloy for the frame, which the outfit claims makes it easier to handle and safer than a quad or farm bike, while also helping keep the weight down to just 139 pounds. Yes, that’s not exactly light, but two adults should be able to lift it overhead without much trouble.


To navigate the off-road, the 2018 Ubco 2×2 is fitted with an all-terrain suspension system that allows it to ride through farmlands and backcountry trails. That includes a front fork with 130 mm of travel, rebound adjustment, and high-tensile stanchions, as well as 32 mm rear shocks with 120 mm of travel, adjustable spring preload, and rebound damping. It pairs that suspension with aluminum rims wrapped in 17-inch Kenda K667 tires, along with hydraulic disc brakes to ensure plenty of stopping power.


Features include an LCD panel (shows speed, distance, power output, battery level, and duration), a 2230-lumen headlight, LED lighting (brake, directional, and accessory), and 19 accessory lugs that you can use to attach a whole host of gear to the bike, from bags and baskets to trailers and decorative gear. It can support a maximum weight of 330 pounds (both rider and cargo included).

Available now, the 2018 Ubco 2×2 is priced at $6,999.

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