2020 EarthCruiser EXP Turns A Familiar Delivery Truck Into A Full-Featured Overland Vehicle

Chances are, you’re familiar enough with the Mitsubishi Fuso, a light-to-medium duty commercial truck that’s widely used in many countries. It’s not the prettiest thing to see in the highway, but the darn thing gets the job done. The 2020 Earthcruiser EXP takes that popular delivery truck and transforms it into an overland travel vehicle that allows you to bring all your creature comforts deep into the most remote destinations.

No, they didn’t just take the truck, throw in a new suspension, and called it a day. Instead, they fashioned themselves a full-fledged overland machine using the Fuso as base, swapping in as much parts as necessary to turn it into a capable beast that can speed through wide open highways, plod through bumpy off-road trails, and crawl through a heap of rocks with equal aplomb.

The 2020 EarthCruiser EXP, pretty much, gives the erstwhile commercial truck a full-on makeover, outfitting it with an all-new four-wheel drive system, full floating axles controlled by a two-speed transfer case with customizable drive options, and a Vortec 6.0-liter V8 engine. Routing 297 horsepower and 361 pound-feet of torque to the wheels through a six-speed automatic, the engine gives the truck the necessary muscle to push the seven ton behemoth across the nastiest off-road terrains, while a 60-gallon gas tank ensures you’ll have enough fuel to explore every corner of your destination. With over 11 inches of ground clearance, it should drive over many obstacles with relative ease, while 14-inch vented disc brakes front and rear provide the necessary stopping power.

While the cab looks standard (save for the roll bars all around), it gets improved ergonomics inside, courtesy of Scheelmann Vairo captain’s chairs that, the outfit claims, provides unmatched comfort for long-distance travel. They pair that with four cup holders, a large box with charging ports, and even a security safe at the center console to help you keep things tidy.

Of course, a proper overland truck doesn’t just get you to your destination, it also makes life just that much more comfortable when you get there. As such, the 2020 EarthCruiser EXP gets a custom cabin with a pop-top roof area, clearing room inside to give you almost seven feet of headroom once you’re set up at camp. There’s an integrated pass-through from the cab to the cabin, so no need to get out of the vehicle to move from the driver seat to the sleeping quarters, while built-in structural insulation allows you to stay reasonably comfortable inside regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

It has a fold-out dining table with bench seats that you can deploy for meals, a full-height shower for cleaning up, a composting toilet, a kitchen with a slide-out pantry, a fixed two-person bed in the back, a sky bed at the top, and tons of storage units. There’s a built-in 360Ah battery (upgradeable to 720Ah) to power your lighting and appliances, which include a hot air unit, a water heater, a condensation reduction system, BOSE speakers, optional AC, and a ceiling-mounted microwave.  Three 160-watt solar panels are included, as well, so you can replenish the battery as you go.

Seriously, the 2020 EarthCruiser EXP is packed with so many features, it’s best to hit the product page to get a full rundown. Pricing starts at a whopping $370,000.

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