21-Foot Speedboat Turned Into A Pool Table

How do you give a retired speedboat a new lease on life?  In the case of this 21-foot motorized watercraft, the answer came in the form of being turned into a one-of-a-kind pool table.

Created by Australia’s Master Billiards, the custom game room fixture was commissioned as a memorial to Queensland waterskier Brian Rix, who was killed in a boating accident back in 1999.  According to Master Billiards’ proprietor Peter Mckee, building the table proved to be a daunting task — so much so that every other custom table maker approached with the idea turned it down.

The custom Speedboat Pool Table uses six different pieces of timber to act as the slate, since there was no way to cut timber in a curved manner as the shape of the boat required.  It adds one extra pocket to the standard six holes in conventional tables, with the last one sitting right on the head of the boat.  Balls exit through the rear of the table, arriving there through pipes installed underneath.  A fiberglass worker leveled the boat, so it can stand securely on its own.

Just looking at the pictures, the unusual shape and seven ball pockets make it look like a wicked fun table to play on.  Well, it should be, since Master Billiards charged a hefty $60,000 (AUD) for it.  Cost included delivery and installation.

[Master Billiards via Parramatta Advertiser]