2131 Extending Table Slides To Accommodate Twice The Diners, Pivots To Turn Into A 90-Degree Office Table


With the limited kitchen space in your apartment, an eight-person dining table is likely to leave it with very little space to move around. And while a four-person table will do just fine for the regular occupants of the house, it’s likely going to be a problem the moment you have friends or family over. The 2131 Extending Table should be a more suitable alternative.

Able to expand in length from 5 to 10 feet, the table goes from seating four individuals to having space for eight, letting you entertain a larger group than your usual dining cohorts. Whether you invite friends for dinner on a Friday night, receive a visit from family, or find yourself with a half dozen strangers from last night’s party that, somehow, ended up sleeping on your floor, it lets you accommodate more people than what such a compact table can usually handle.


The 2131 Extending Table has a pair of tabletops, one of which sits on top of the other in the table’s compact form. To expand, simply slide the top half sideways, allowing you to double the dining space in mere seconds. Do note, each half of the table will remain at slightly varying heights (difference of about an inch), but the furniture will remain functional all the same. Even better, though, the sliding half can actually pivot, allowing you to stand the table at a 90-degree angle, making it ideal for use in a home office setup in a pinch. Construction is American walnut.


Measuring 60 x 32 x 29 inches, each 2131 Extending Table is handcrafted in Los Angeles, California. Price is $2,600.

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