24-Pack Cap Carrier Lets You Haul Two Dozen Ball Caps In Style

Like to travel with two dozen of your favorite ball caps in tow?  Not a problem with New Era’s 24-Pack Cap Carrier, a single-purpose bag that’s designed to let you haul your cap collection while you go on the road.

Why would anyone want to carry 24 caps?  We’re not really sure.  Maybe they’re selling them at the parking lot of an NFL game.  Or they like to wear a different cap for every occasion.  Or they have 24 heads.  Hey, don’t be hatin’ – 24-headed people are people too.

New Era says the 24-Pack Cap Carrier is designed for headwear collectors who want a dedicated place to store a double dozen pieces of their favorite accessory during transport.  Now, that makes sense.  After all, you may want to rock the truck driver look one moment and the outgoing urban hipster style the next – this bag makes sure you’ve got the choices for it.

Each carrier features an adjustable shelf, just in case you want to change the “two row, 12-caps on each row” configuration into something else (you know, like 12 caps and a change of underwear – man does not live on ball caps alone, after all). Made from high-tensile nylon, the bag should protect your precious headgear too, something that can’t be assured when you decide to squeeze them underneath your clothes or right beside your laptop.  It comes with an adjustable, removable strap for easy handling.

The New Era 24-Pack Cap Carrier is available in only one color (black), priced at $49.99.  Those less obsessed about the amount of headwear they carry can also opt for two- and six-pack varieties.

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