25inch Me: Finally, An Inflatable Mini-Me You Can Love And Cherish


Ever wished you can have a 25-inch inflatable doll of yourself that you can cherish and love the way you wished you were treated as a child? Now you can with 25inch Me, which sells personalized 25-inch tall inflatable dolls clad in anyone’s likeness.

That’s right, you can get your own inanimate mini-me in blow-up doll form that you can use to make your co-workers laugh, creep your girlfriend out, or fish for likes on Facebook and Instagram. I mean, photos of your doing various activities with your miniature doppelganger does sound pretty interesting. Well, also kind of desperate, but pretty interesting all the same.


The 25inch Me inflatable doll is small enough that you can inflate it by blowing on it, although things should go much easier if you have something that can pump air into it (like a Fluxbag or a nephew who actually finds blowing into stuff fun). Since it’s no different than any inflatable kids play with at the beach, it should be perfectly safe for young ones to handle, too, so you can have your children play with a miniature parent they can boss around for a change. Okay, we’re not actually sure whether that’s a good idea or not. Probably not.

To personalize a doll, simply go to the Create section on the company’s website, where you will be led through the different steps needed to design your doll. First, you’ll need to upload a headshot of yourself or whoever you want to immortalize in inflatable form (you can order dolls of your friends and family), following the size and quality requirements to the letter (otherwise, you may end up with a mangled-looking doll). After that, you then choose outfits, accessories, and tattoos for the doll using the selections available from the site. Yes, they have a healthy amount of options, so you can make your doll look like everything from a rapper or a surfer dude to a rockstar or a businessman. Heck, you can make yourself look like a cross-dresser if that’s something that’s been eating in the back of your mind.


The 25inch Me inflatables are made in Italy, so expect much longer turnarounds than you typically get from Amazon. According to the outfit, expect two to three weeks of waiting before the doll actually arrives. We know, that sounds long, but having an inflatable mini-me that you designed yourself does sound like it’s totally worth the wait. I mean, until they can make working androids that can take your place at work, it will have to do.


Like all inflatables, the doll will arrive flat (and possibly rolled to save space), but should be able to inflate with around a minute (probably less) of blowing into the valve. From what we can tell, this thing can really make for an excellent, especially with its personalized nature. No, we don’t mean giving dolls of your mini-me as gifts to your friends (dude…..), but, you know, giving them their own mini-me dolls.

The 25inch Me inflatable doll is priced at $30.

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