2T Power Sleeve Provides Resistance Training For Basketball Players

Sure, you probably need preternatural talent to be the next Lebron, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be the next journeyman pro-baller with your own Jeremy Lin Cinderella story.  If you’re going to step your game up, you’ll need every advantage you can get.  The 2T Power Sleeve is designed to help with that.

A training tool for aspiring ballers, it’s a sleeve designed to exercise various hand muscles you’ll need to raise your game to the next level.  Using it won’t help you play better defense or gain better court awareness, but it can polish up a few critical aspects of your game, such as increasing your perimeter shooting range, speeding up your passing and jumpshot release, bringing more accuracy to shots/passes/dribbles, and improving your ballhandling control.

The 2T Power Sleeve differs from regular arm sleeves by grabbing a hold of your middle and index fingers while you’re wearing it.  Why those two?  Because, if you use proper passing and shooting form, those are the last two fingers supposed to touch the ball upon release.  Basically, the sleeve envelops you arm, hands, and fingers in a way that creates resistance when you shoot, pass and dribble, allowing you to develop the specific muscles that go to work when those common basketball actions are performed.  Construction is a mix of elastic bands (for resistance) and surgical grade silicone (for proper airflow), with three sizes (S,M,L) available.

Currently, 2T Power Sleeve is raising funds for a production run on Indiegogo.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at $45.

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