2×2 Cycles Bicycle Rack Puts Your Mountain Bike On Your Ducati

Traveling with a bicycle usually means you need to bring a car or a truck with bike carriers onboard. That means hitting the road on your Ducati Streetfighter 848 is out of the question.  Well, it used to be anyway until the Motorcycle Bicycle Rack came along.

Made by 2×2 Cycles, it’s a bike rack designed to mount on a motorcycle, allowing you to carry your favorite two-wheeled vehicle on the back of your other favorite two-wheeled vehicle.   Mounting is done via supplied steel bolts, with no need to drill or alter any part of the motorcycle, allowing you to retain full resale value (until that inevitable highway accident, of course — just kidding, motorcycles are safe if you’re not an idiot).

The 2×2 Cycles Bicycle Rack isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution — you’ll need to specify make and model when ordering to ensure you get the proper mounts for your motorcycle. It’s supposed to fit most any size of bicycles using a fully-adjustable arm, all while protecting it by using no clamps right on the frame.  With a bicycle sticking out of the rear, there’s bound to be some effect on ride performance, right? The company concedes it does, but it’s supposed to be no more effect than when your girlfriend rides on the back of your bike.

Mounting a bicycle onto the rack shouldn’t be all that tough: remove the front wheel, clamp the fork onto a lockable spot on the front of the rack, hook the left-side crank onto a sling, and secure everything in place using a quick release mechanism.  Then add the front wheel using a receptacle next to the sling before running a strap over the entire assembly.

Pricing for the 2×2 Cycles Bicycle Rack starts at $298.

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