Quillit 3 In 1 Is A Retractable Pen With Two Stylus Tips


As cool as the More/Real Stylus Cap is, I like my pens with retracting tips.  Same goes for my stylus and this Quillit 3 in 1 Stylus Pen is as perfect as it gets.

Made by Proporta, it looks like a regular retractable writing instrument — the same one you’d have in your pen case if this was 1990 and you liked your pens with fancy controls on top.  It looks expensive, too, with a nice heavy feel and deluxe finish, so you can totally show off your good taste while you sign checks in front of the ladies. Well, if this was 1990, that is.

The Quillit 3 In 1 comes with three different tips: a regular ballpoint tip for writing on paper, a capacitive stylus for finger-friendly touchscreen devices and a nib stylus, in case you’re still rocking gadgets with resistive displays.  Flitting among the different tips takes a simple move, so be careful — a pen tip accidentally sliding over your iPad‘s screen is probably a not a good idea.

Remember when giving someone an expensive ink-filled pen as a gift actually meant something?  Well, that day is long gone (and I’d look at you with disdain if you ever wrap a pen with colorful paper and hand it to me on my birthday).  If you’re going to give anyone a pen, it might as well be one with a pair of styluses in tow, just like this one.

Preorders for the Quillit 3 in 1 are currently being taken, with price set at $33.95.  It ships March 23.