30/30 Multi-Jacket Can Be Configured In 30 Different Styles

I don’t care how versatile you think your jacket is.  We doubt it can stand up to the versatility offered by the 30/30 Multi-Jacket, which is fully reconfigurable in 30 different ways.

Made by Stone Island, the versatile winter wear literally lets you rock a different look every day of the month.  Heck, you can rock a different look every hour of the day if you want to, all without bringing an extra outfit with you.  Just swap out the parts and you’ve got an entirely new get-up.

The 30/30 Multi-Jacket features a liner  and shell that are both reversible.  Linked by Stone Island’s signature looped rigging system, the two pieces can be worn either together or individually in 10 different ways.  Each of those 10 styles can then be worn either in Ice, Reflective and Normal mode, giving you a total of 30 options.

It features a Raso Prismattic outer shell, a Thermo Reflective liner, a reversible insulator that also works as a standalone jacket, reversible cuff and liner buttons, engineered knit and down components, Raso/Knit textiles, and goose down stuffing.  While obviously a choice outfit for winter, the configurable design should make it perfectly wearable for other climates, too, making for a jacket that you can wear year round (well, unless you live in one of those places where summer feels like you’re being cooked in a pizza oven or something).

Awesome, right? Well, it is, if you can afford the price tag.  The Stone Island 30/30 Multi-Jacket retails for a whopping $2,200 — which can probably buy you 30 jackets anyway if you shop at more modest places.