USB Negative Scanner Turns Your Old 35mm Stills Into Digital Images


Still got a stash of old negatives from less technologically-advanced days?  Bring those ancient (and probably embarrassing) memories to life in the digital age with the USB Negative Scanner, a computer peripheral that turns ancient 35mm stills into images you can upload onto your Facebook page.

While you can always haul your stack of negatives from the attic down to the neighborhood photo center, that can get expensive really fast, especially if you  grew up with the expensive photograph-snapping habit.   What are you going to do, hold each one to the light and squint, trying to figure out which ones contain that photo of you where you looked like a young David Hasselhoff?  Using this device, you can convert as many photographs as you want – no extra charge.

The USB Negative Scanner is a small and compact Mac/PC peripheral that reads negatives and slides for conversion into digital image files.  It comes with three trays (one for 35mm negatives, one for slides and one for 110 format film) that are sized to slip into the machine’s port.  Features include a four-glass optic element, fixed focus range, automatic exposure and built-in Colourbright color-conversion technology.

Yes, you can finally get rid of that extensive stash of negatives from high school and college without feeling pangs of loss.  Just slip them one by one into the scanner to fill up your hard drive with images of you wearing that Michael Bolton Live In Miami shirt – a memento from your favorite concert of all time.

Available in two models, one for converting into 3 megapixel photos and another for churning out 5 megapixel images, the USB Negative Scanner is priced at £49.99 and £69.99, respectively.  It comes with its own editing software too, so you can shoop out your Vanilla Ice hairdo from 1995.

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