360 Cola Tastes Like Soda, Hits Like Vodka

Want to get your drink on without attracting unwanted attention? Get yourself an empty plastic Coke bottle and fill it with 360 Cola, a flavored vodka that mirrors the look and smell of caffeine-injected soda, all while delivering the buzz of intoxicating liquor. Ahhh…twist the cap to refreshness.

If you’re not familiar with 360, you’re probably not the only one. A slightly obscure vodka maker, they also happen to be one of the most eco-obsessed we’ve seen. Not only do they use an energy-efficient manufacturing process, their Quadruple Distilling method ensures not a single bushel of grain goes to waste too.  Part of every bottle (85% recycled, by the way) of drink you purchase goes to various environmental causes, so if you’ve been looking to support green-friendly companies, you might as do it with the poison you entertain yourself with.

Buying rum pre-laced with a cola taste is something you can anticipate. Getting that on a bottle of vodka, however, sounds a tad bit off from left field. According to a review (link below), the taste is more in the vein of sweet tea vodkas – sugary, with a hint of peach and apple, punctuated by a cola kick. Sounds really nice.

The 360 Cola Flavored Vodka uses caramel to achieve that brown color, which makes it look like a regular soda beverage when transferred to an innocent-looking Coke bottle. There’s no fizz, but it shouldn’t be that much of a detriment to faking it – you like your soda flat and the hell if anyone will object. According to 360, it’s been designed to taste like old-fashioned sweet and spicy cola drinks of yore.

At $20 a bottle, it sounds like an affordable way to sneak alcohol wherever soda and juices are the only things allowed.

[Vodka 360 via Drinkhacker]