369Sonic Ultrasonic Kitchen Knife Vibrates 50,000 Times Per Second To Quickly And Cleanly Cut Into Food

Ultrasonic cutters are nothing new, as they are a frequently employed fabrication tool for cleanly cutting all sorts of items, from rubber and plastic to carpets and carbon fiber panels. This time around, the same precise cutting tech is coming to your kitchen counter in the form of the 369Sonic Ultrasonic Kitchen Knife.

That’s right, it’s an ultrasonic knife for the kitchen, allowing you to cut through vegetables, meats, and everything else using a blade that vibrates back and forth at a rapid rate. Because of the vibrating blade, the knife, pretty much, applies the cutting force all on its own, requiring you to simply move it along the cutting line with no need to apply any force on your part.

The 369Sonic Ultrasonic Kitchen Knife pairs a 4.9-inch stainless steel blade with a 6.2-inch handle, so the whole thing measures just over 11 inches long. Inside the handle sits a titanium ultrasonic transducer that prompts the blade to move in a repetitive mechanical motion. When switched on, the blade vibrates at a frequency of up to 50,000 times per second, allowing it to cut through anything that comes in contact with the blade edge in short order.

According to the outfit, that repetitive movement allows it to cut at a rate that works out to around 36 times sharper than a standard kitchen knife. That means, it’s able to cut through hard and firm foods with ease, while more cleanly slicing through brittle and crumbly foods like cakes and breads. The same rapid movements also eliminate the chances of any parts of the food sticking to the blade, ensuring clean cuts even when slicing through layered food items like sandwiches. The clean cutting action also minimizes any fluid loss, so there’s less mess to deal with overall.

The 369Sonic Ultrasonic Kitchen Knife is fitted with a rechargeable battery on the handle, which powers the control board and the ultrasonic transducer. Because of all the electronics inside, the handle does get hot, which is why it gets a heat-resistant cover that also facilitates a non-slip grip. Oh yeah, the repeated movement also means the blade gets a little hot on top of being very sharp, so don’t make the mistake of trying to touch it while the darn thing is operating. A wireless charging dock and a blade cover is included with each knife, allowing you to store it upright on its own in the kitchen counter when not in use.

A companion app allows you to see various details about the knife’s operation in real time, namely the movement frequency, the battery voltage, the current temperature inside the handle, and the knife’s overall performance. Does it even really need an app, though? We’re not sure, since we doubt we’ll want to check the blade’s vibration frequency while we’re tearing through a cabbage that we’re using to make coleslaw later. However, if you’re nerdy enough to want to know those details, so you can tinker with its electronics later, the app will definitely make for a useful addition.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the 369Sonic Ultrasonic Kitchen Knife. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $348.

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