3D Wall Panels Add Seamless Embossed Patterns To Your Wall

We’re not actually sure if 3D wallpaper is a good idea.  I mean, those things make instant ledges for dust to gather in.  Regardless, it’s hard to deny just how much more attractive these 3D Wall Panels are compared to even the funkiest wallpaper graphic you can find.

Made by WallArt, the décor literally changes the whole flavor of a room,  making your wall look like something else entirely.  In fact, the designs look like permanent installations built into the wall rather than mere add-ons, giving any room they’re installed in a truly drastic makeover.

The 3D Wall Panels are made up of 500 x 500 mm tiles with raised patterns along the surface.  Once installed, they’ll form three-dimensional shapes that  surprisingly look like seamless parts of your walls.  In fact, they can be painted over, so you can literally have new walls without ever altering a room’s actual walls permanently.  They have an ample range of options (currently 20 total) in embossed wall patterns, too, including waves, cubes, pebbles, pitches and more.

Promoted as eco-friendly home décor, the panels are made from the fibers of crushed sugarcane stalks, making them 100% compostable and biodegradable.  We’re not sure how durable they are, but we’re guessing they will hold up to regular use, since they’re recommending painting over the panels.

No pricing for the 3D Wall Panels are listed on the website.  With the novel concept, eco-friendly materials and obviously attractive appearance, though, expect these to be priced on the expensive end.

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