3Doodler Create+ Adds Dual-Drive Motors For More Reliable Fabrication


If you’ve held off on picking up a 3D printing pen until the products mature a little bit, we don’t blame you – a couple of years and new products tend to get significantly more sophisticated than their original iterations. With a few models under its belt (including 3D pens aimed specifically at kids), 3Doodler has definitely evolved their product line in impressive ways. That’s why, if you’ve been thinking of jumping on the 3D printing pen fray, you’ll definitely want to pull the trigger on the 3Doodler Create+.

Just like previous versions of the pen, the device allows you to fabricate objects in the real world by drawing in a three-dimensional space, making the process of crafting plastic models a more accessible affair. Whether you want to make a funny superhero mask, a valet tray for your desk, or a missing part for an old broken toy, this thing lets you fashion them by hand similar to the way you’d scribble a two-dimensional illustration.


The 3Doodler Create+ comes in a chunky enclosure similar to a whiteboard marker, ensuring the pen is easy to grip while providing enough material to keep the exterior cool throughout the printing process. It’s the first iteration of the pen to come with a dual-drive system, giving it a whole lot more power to support you through extended fabrication sessions, all while eliminating many instances of jamming that used to happen in previous models. Simply put, the dual-drive system should make the pen more reliable, ensuring you can focus on fabricating your model instead of performing maintenance tasks on the pen.

Like the previous model, the new pen also comes with two speed settings: a “fast” mode for quickly filling out big areas and a “slow” mode for fabricating intricate shapes with better precision. That means, a whole lot of control with the pace in which you can finish your projects, whether you’re building a simple box to hold small toys or an ornate decoration you plan to show off on the shelf. Sadly, building a door for the bathroom will still take you days (more likely weeks), as well as cost you a small fortune in plastic, so it’s not quite fast enough.


The 3Doodler Create+ also comes with two temperature settings: one for PLA and another for ABS and FLEXY. In case you’re wondering what FLEXY is, it’s a strand that lets you fabricate flexible and bendable materials similar to rubber or silicone. Do note, the outfit recommends using their own branded strands of material, although we guess you can use any other, so long as it’s compatible in size and composition. Just, you know, don’t blame 3Doodler if you experience any problems.


It comes with just the standard nozzle, by the way, so if you want to get more creative with your models, you might want to pick up the outfit’s nozzle accessory set. Opting for that gets you standard-shaped nozzles with 0.5mm, 1.0mm, and 1.5mm extruder tips, as well as nozzles with ribbon, square, and triangle shapes.

The 3Doodler Create+ is available now.

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