3DS Deluxe Power Grip Adds Console Handles, Extra Battery To Your Handheld

You love your Nintendo 3DS, but find the boxy shape less enjoyable for holding in hand than a PSP or a regular controller.  And the 3 to 5 hour battery life (with 3D on, of course) is just ridiculous for a gaming handheld you intend to play with on the road.  The Nintendo 3DS Deluxe Power Grip offers a cure to both those maladies.

Made by CTA Digital, the accessory encases your 3DS in a form factor that should feel more like a proper gamepad.  If you’ve ever complained of tired or cramped hands during one of your marathon gaming sessions, this accessory should help minimize that by enabling a more comfortable grip.

The Nintendo 3DS Deluxe Power Grip has a gamepad-shaped silicone body that weighs a light 8 ounces.  It’s meant to act like a dock, allowing you to slip in the 3DS without obscuring any of your handheld device’s ports or controls.  The integrated battery can double the playing time that you squeeze out of your 3DS, making for one useful accessory for folks who hate the frequent recharging.

Like using your 3DS as a movie-viewing device (with some unofficial tweaks, of course)?  The case comes with a fold-out  stand that lets you prop up the assembly at an angle for better viewing.  Oh yeah, that same stand can hold a game, too, just to add to its utility.

You can get the Nintendo 3DS Deluxe Power Grip now, priced at $29.99.

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