3Moods Is An Incredible Transforming Furniture

Transforming furniture is nothing new.  We’ve seen baby furniture that goes from cradle to crib to play table, as well as a bed that turns into a study table, among a host of others.  The 3Moods, however, does them all one better by turning into nearly every furniture you will need inside a small apartment.

Spanish designer Humberto Navarro isn’t playing around.  This thing can be equipped into two kinds of sofa (one for four people, another for two), a bed, a chaise longue, an armchair, a writing desk with two seats and armchair, a dining table with four chairs, and even four benches that can fit two people each.  That’s right, a single furniture that can quickly transform into all of those, letting you make the most out of even the smallest living spaces.  It’s nuts.

The 3Moods uses modular components that you simply push together like jigsaw puzzles of some sort, with onboard magnets that keep the separate parts intact.  Each transformation can be done by one person in under a minute, making it extremely convenient, whether you’re gearing up to do some work at home, fixing up for dinner, or getting ready for bedtime.  Construction is okume plywood and stainless steel for the frames, with 30 options in upholstery (including nautical fabric for outdoor use) and ergonomically-shaped foam with varying densities depending on function.  Do note, you’ll need to assemble everything upon receipt (just like IKEA), a process that they claim will be easy enough but will require two people to do correctly.

An Indiegogo campaign is currently running to fund 3Moods.  Price is $3,000.


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