3rd Gen Orange OPC: Still As Pretty, Way More Power

Remember the OPC?  Apparently, the gorgeous music-focused PC has been successful enough to reach its third generation.  And like its predecessors, the latest Orange OPC is a sweet combo of tech and design.

As before, it uses Orange Amp’s iconic form factor as the computer casing (complete with a retro wood, tolex, and basketweave cab), making the entire thing look more like a regular guitar amp than a desktop computer.  Inside, it bundles both high-end PC hardware with “studio-quality” audio speakers (6.5-inch JBL) and £500 worth of preloaded audio-processing and recording software to make it an equally capable music machine.


Specs of the Orange OPC 3rd Generation include a third-gen Ivy Bridge processor, up to 16GB of RAM, your choice of Nvidia 650 ti or AMD HD 7750 graphics cards, and unspecified storage (seriously don’t know what’s up with that). Of course, there’s a full swathe of standard PC connectors (USB, HDMI, and all that), along with a 24-bit guitar instrument interface and standard amp controls, allowing you to plug in an axe to use for six-string play or a mic for living out your American Idol fantasies.  Despite the unique case design, it allows for straightforward component updates (board has plenty of open slots), so you can keep it around for a while just like a standard desktop.

We’re not sure when the 3rd-generation Orange OPC will be available, but price is expected to start at around $1,900.

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