5.11 PT-R Weight Kit Uses Sand-Filled Bags For Performing Barbell And Dumbbell Workouts

From spin bikes and treadmills to resistance cables and smart mirrors, there’s no shortage of exercise equipment for getting your workout at home. While we understand people’s love affair with virtual classes and guided workouts, some people just want to do traditional resistance exercises with weights that actually make sense for use in living rooms and bedrooms. That’s what the 5.11 PT-R Weight Kit brings to your stash.

Designed as a functional replacement for barbells and dumbbells, it’s a weighted training bag that you can grip in a variety of ways, allowing you to perform standard resistance exercises without access to traditional weights equipment. From squats and presses to deadlifts and curls, this thing lets you have a functional gym with nothing but a set of bags that you can stash in a closet.

The 5.11 PT-R Weight Kit consists of a large rectangular bag with three different sets of grips, allowing you to grab it via the ends, the sides, or the top, depending on what exercise you’re performing. All the grips come with reinforced non-slip handles, by the way, so you can get a secure hold on the bag even while performing complex movements, with no metal or plastic hardware anywhere on the bag to ensure comfortable use even when it brushes against your skin.

The large bag has a zippered opening on one end, which allows you to remove the two sand-filled liner bags included. You can remove one liner to quickly halve the weight inside the bag, allowing you to use it to target larger and smaller muscles alike. Each of the liner bags, by the way, come with their own non-slip grab handles, allowing you to use them separately as alternative equipment for dumbbell and kettlebell exercises. Want to remove some sand to lighten the weight or add more to make it heavier? Not a problem, as each liner bag has a roll top opening for easily modifying the contents, allowing you to tailor the weight to your needs at all times.

The 5.11 PT-R Weight Kit comes in two sizes: 50 pounds and 100 pounds. The 50-pound kit has a main bag that measures 28 x 4 x 9 inches (width x height x depth) and comes with two 25-pound liner bags, while the 100-pounder measures 28 x 7.75 x 9 inches and comes with two 50-pound liner bags. Again, it only uses sand for the resistance, so you can, technically, take out the liners and fill up the large bags with sand by themselves to get full-time access to the individual liner bags without having to pop them in and out of the main bag.

Construction, by the way, is 1050D nylon for the bags, so these should be durable enough for throwing around during outdoor workouts. And yes, it looks like the large bags can be used like regular bags if you want – just remove the liners and fill them up with your gear. Only catch? There’s no shoulder straps, so you’ll have to carry them by hand the whole time. Yeah… best leave it at home for your resistance workouts.

The 5.11 PT-R Weight Kit is available now, priced at $139.99 for the 50-pound kit and $159.99 for the 100-pound kit.

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